set design

Under Pressures

We find ourselves in the social, political, environmental and economic wreckage of decades of dominance of the neoliberal cult


1969–2019: Stonewall & Criminal Code Reform – LGBTIQ* movement & AIDS crisis – Berlin Wall & reunification

Gender Euphoria: Drag as a Construction Site for New Gender Realities · Olympia Bukkakis

GENDER EUPHORIA has evolved through many forms. Originally conceived as a book chapter, then developed into a lecture, then a

Tales From a State of Shemergency II

Marx remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the fi

Tales from a State of Shemergency I

Set design for Olympia Bukkakis’ performance. How am I to deal with all this? What is our relationship to the past? Wha


Float design for the event Odarodle: “Keep on Dancing Till The World Ends”, a Manifestation-Parade led by Dusty Whistles,

Postprandial Somnolence (with chef Luce McKenna)

A crisp white tablecloth stained with red wine, lipstick marked glasses and plates piled high, fish skeletons and cigarettes s

faux real

Set design for Faux Real, a night of Ladies & Trans* Drag Performers organized by Dusty Whistles… #01: event info h


Come along … come, a little closer … ladyboys, rats, Brahmans, incestuous brothers, arrogant scientists, royal jesters, su


08:34 / Bangkok / 2015 OF MUD AND TURD / Something was lost … the relation to the initial system of knowledge transmission


02:16 / Bangkok / 2015 TAKE SHELTER / Symmetric pathologies strikethrough life and death. Tads and dotard are facing their sus

Sanatorium Last Call

12:04 / Lej Nair, Switzerland / 2015 ​EUTHANASIA FORMULA / What could happen, an ascendant vehicle, icy whiteness, without p


05:51 / Innsbruck, Austria / 2015 ​ THE GUEST OF TIME / I’m the unknown Ötzi companion, lost in a whiteness I could spoil

o’museum bkk

  PROLOGUE / A ghostly emergence amid a jungle… sombre mimicry negotiating the right distance… between flirting and r


03:57 / Bangkok / 2014 THE KING’S FOOL / The picaresque Soliloquy of a banished Arbitrista jester, time-traveling from the 1

the Offspring

10:00 / Kwai River, Thailand / 2014 ​FORBIDDEN EXPERIMENT/ In 1927 two young scientists were discovered dead in the Asian

Σ d a y s

04:52 / Bangkok / 2014 ​A RAT AND … / The story of a servitude daily routine between two servants, dedicated to tame

Feral Child (prelude)

03:59 / Singapore / 2013 URBAN MOWGLI SYNDROME / We were not able to extract the feral child found in the deepness of Singapor

la passe

01:00 / Boutox, France / 2013 A PSYCHOANALYST DROWNING / The story of the passage of a renowned psychoanalyst. From the tree o


04:52 / Bangkok / 2013 JUST CHILD & MOTHER / In between love and suffocation, we witness an incestuous structure, the embo

naχos (terra īnsōla)

04:07 / Crete, Greece / 2013 ARIADNE ONANISM / … The blanching of ariadne is visible… in her new-age animal regression li