Hätte ich gewusst, dass man eine schwarze Prinzessin sein kann, hätte ich meine Prioritäten etwas anders gesetzt.  SIE

Work on Progress . Olympia Bukkakis & Isabel Gatzke

This is how you are going to do it. Look straight ahead. You’re going… Shit ok, start again. This is how you are going to


1969–2019: Stonewall & Criminal Code Reform – LGBTIQ* movement & AIDS crisis – Berlin Wall & reunification

ILO 100 years / Jo Parkes

Costume and Video Design for 2 performances created by Jo Parkes on the occasion of the International Labor Organisation 100 y

Running Out Of Time / Mavin

Editing and post-production for Mavin’s single Running Out Of Time

Tales From a State of Shemergency II

Marx remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the fi

Nanomaterials /// PLASMATIC

Nanomaterials /// PLASMATIC an artist and scientist exchange project by Sadie Weis in collaboration with the Leibniz Science C

Drowning in Data

Video for GODMOTHER, with the help of Talin Seigmann.

Hyper Sensual – houaïda x Lacadee

First live set filled with sensual unpredictability, drummy waters and soft melodies to attempt a universe free from mapping o

Tales from a State of Shemergency I

Set design for Olympia Bukkakis’ performance. How am I to deal with all this? What is our relationship to the past? Wha

Talking Straight

Talking Straight is a multi headed, gender fluid hydra and provider of performances and other immersive post-post-humanist ser

Bunny Michael

Live visuals for Bunny Michael in Berlin – Bunny Michael Live w/ Grindrrrteeth / Xeno Genesis + with Talin Seigmann


Grinder_teeth_ … ongoing visuals / VJ …        

კიბორგს, მარწყვს/ cyborg, strawberry (camera work)

კიბორგს, მარწყვს/ cyborg, strawberry, Video & music project by Ana Gzirishvili

TWIEEN / visuals for CAMEO LA

Black Cracker – Come As U R

1 album music video / 12 music videos still on their way to here press

tests for holy modee Y morten – balla vs para (feat. robo)

// tests // full video  Video: Raphael Grischa & Camille Lacadee Artwork: Daniel Bergmann, Rob Vegas Text: Holy Modee, Mo

amateur video 4 aphex twin’s delphium