camille lacadee


Camille Lacadee is a set designer and visual artist.

She studied architecture in Paris and London and graduated in 2009. Before her move to Berlin in 2016, she has lived and worked in Asia and co-founded New-Territories mindmachinemakingmyths architecture & film studio in Bangkok. Her work with has been exhibited at various Biennials (Venice, Singapore, Chicago …), galleries and museums around the world.

She is part of Talking Straight, a multi headed, gender fluid hydra and provider of performances and other immersive post-post-humanist services.

Camille’s work seeks to articulate, understand and produce relations. She likes to divert (detournement) the use and ‘purpose’ of everyday objects and materials, to slide them out of context, thus revealing new potential. Her work often begins by observing and provoking relations, between a ‘space’ and a material, a body and an object, then developing structural systems and techniques that make this relation possible. Doing so, she is especially interested in lightweight structures and geometrical formations.