(beau)strosity & bodysorder

text published in Burrasca issue 4 fat/anorexic    SKIN/ENVELOPPE/SHELTER To hold, to protect, to constrain, imprison,

kandis’ vampires

text written for Kandis Williams / AFTER THE ECLIPSE Berlin reading When in the park at nightWhen darkYour shoulder on my knee

#mythomaniaS (book)

book available here https://punctumbooks.com/titles/mythomanias/ We are very tired already 0.0 And by annihilating the body h

wrong timing

Who’d kiss in the night unspoken and by awakening declare wrong timing. Who’d fall beyond ground. ​There was gleam in th

yet another god-awful small affair

I saw a spoon on mars this morning ​ This picture is tearing my guts apart This picture is a total nightmare, a vision of yo

New mourning – active now

Poem selected at the Wildsound Writing & Film Festival 2015   Of bkk when it came to me – Of sweetness despite

Fair Play

text published in LOG#32 Fall 2014 The clown[1] and the cynic[2] Hand in hand walk, decadence The garden ironic[3] Of lighte


I am the fool I am not a prophet and I am not a merchant I want your substance and I want you to know it I want decay and your

Allelopathy Anthropophobia – erethism erotica mercurialis

text written for e-flux  ”’ (*)~———————————R

Machines for Rent

text co-written with Francois Roche for/read here (especially Precautions for use!) – Architectural Design magazine


text published in the The Land Line quarterly  f46      the world used to be 2-dimensional… you just have to see tho

(rama)kanabolism – Bangkok’s furious, sensuous hankering

text published in LOG #25 – summer 2012  and then stood the demon// purple and sour// enclosed in its thousand lights

… would have been my last complaint

It would have been the last Leaving my condition unresolved I would have felt……… this liquid light Running through my ha

Would Have Been… an inventory

text published by The Funambulist  a dark laterite monolith near a library thirty days / twenty-nine people of diverse natio


f07      one day somebody came up with words              and we are still today figuring out what they could


text published in the The Land Line quarterly   f41       in almost every occasion you can replace but by and or how i


FULGURANCEs ( an inventory of thoughts ) f01       i recently found out how death and nothingness are so essentially dif

Le Rêveil du Forum des Cholettes

Le Rêveil du Forum des Cholettes

lost on the forking path

lost on the forking path

Testing ideas

Metaphysics is the study of reality. The story we Humans build around it. IT stands for the unnameable. IT doesn’t name and