camille lacadee

tests for holy modee Y morten – balla vs para (feat. robo)

// tests // full video  Video: Raphael Grischa & Camille Lacadee Artwork: Daniel Bergmann, Rob Vegas Text: Holy Modee, Mo

(beau)strosity & bodysorder

text published in Burrasca issue 4 fat/anorexic    SKIN/ENVELOPPE/SHELTER To hold, to protect, to constrain, imprison,


Come along … come, a little closer … ladyboys, rats, Brahmans, incestuous brothers, arrogant scientists, royal jesters, su

kandis’ vampires

text written for Kandis Williams / AFTER THE ECLIPSE Berlin reading When in the park at nightWhen darkYour shoulder on my knee


08:34 / Bangkok / 2015 OF MUD AND TURD / Something was lost … the relation to the initial system of knowledge transmission

#mythomaniaS (book)

book available here We are very tired already 0.0 And by annihilating the body h

wrong timing

Who’d kiss in the night unspoken and by awakening declare wrong timing. Who’d fall beyond ground. ​There was gleam in th

yet another god-awful small affair

I saw a spoon on mars this morning ​ This picture is tearing my guts apart This picture is a total nightmare, a vision of yo


02:16 / Bangkok / 2015 TAKE SHELTER / Symmetric pathologies strikethrough life and death. Tads and dotard are facing their sus

Sanatorium Last Call

12:04 / Lej Nair, Switzerland / 2015 ​EUTHANASIA FORMULA / What could happen, an ascendant vehicle, icy whiteness, without p


05:51 / Innsbruck, Austria / 2015 ​ THE GUEST OF TIME / I’m the unknown Ötzi companion, lost in a whiteness I could spoil

New mourning – active now

Poem selected at the Wildsound Writing & Film Festival 2015   Of bkk when it came to me – Of sweetness despite

o’museum bkk

  PROLOGUE / A ghostly emergence amid a jungle… sombre mimicry negotiating the right distance… between flirting and r


03:57 / Bangkok / 2014 THE KING’S FOOL / The picaresque Soliloquy of a banished Arbitrista jester, time-traveling from the 1

Fair Play

text published in LOG#32 Fall 2014 The clown[1] and the cynic[2] Hand in hand walk, decadence The garden ironic[3] Of lighte

the Offspring

10:00 / Kwai River, Thailand / 2014 ​FORBIDDEN EXPERIMENT/ In 1927 two young scientists were discovered dead in the Asian

Σ d a y s

04:52 / Bangkok / 2014 ​A RAT AND … / The story of a servitude daily routine between two servants, dedicated to tame


I am the fool I am not a prophet and I am not a merchant I want your substance and I want you to know it I want decay and your

Allelopathy Anthropophobia – erethism erotica mercurialis

text written for e-flux  ”’ (*)~———————————R

Machines for Rent

text co-written with Francois Roche for/read here (especially Precautions for use!) – Architectural Design magazine

Feral Child (prelude)

03:59 / Singapore / 2013 URBAN MOWGLI SYNDROME / We were not able to extract the feral child found in the deepness of Singapor